Cloud 9 Quickbooks Hosting

Cloud 9 Quickbooks Hosting – Cloud 9 makes it easy for you to deploy QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud and work seamlessly. Cloud 9 offers the following benefits:

After installing Finagraph Connect, you are ready to connect your first business. Open a browser and log in to your Cloud 9 desktop. Next, select QuickBooks Desktop.

Cloud 9 Quickbooks Hosting

QuickBook Desktop will open on your desktop. Cloud 9 technology is very smart. While QuickBooks Desktop is running on a remote Windows server, it appears as a standard Windows application on your desktop. You can’t even tell if QuickBooks is running on a remote server.

The New And Improved Features Of Quickbooks 2020

Each time you sync, your latest financial status will be updated. You can see the progress while syncing.

If you move QuickBooks Desktop to a new computer or move to a Cloud 9 virtual desktop, duplicate transactions may be created the first time you sync on the new machine.

To avoid creating duplicate trades, you can copy the Finagraph Connect configuration files from your local machine to the Cloud 9 server.

Ask Cloud 9 to move the following files from your local desktop (where QuickBooks Desktop was running before moving to Cloud 9) to the Cloud 9 server: c:ProgramDataFinagraph.

Quickbooks Hosting: Dedicated Server Cloud Hosting

Technical Support Get specific help directly from our highly skilled support staff. Online Topics Search our online support resources. Send us an email. It is important that financial information is easily managed and securely encrypted. There are only a few popular accounting software on the market. Tried and true, QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software in the world for small and mid-market businesses. This software’s popularity over time is primarily due to its ease of use and accessibility for CPAs and other accounting professionals, both remotely and on-site.

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The increasing number of network hackers and Ransomware infections should be reason enough to choose the most secure solution for your valuable data. However, there are other more important reasons, such as protecting your customers’ financial data. How would you feel if you found out that you were the cause of a data breach against your customers? Many companies use Intuit to process credit cards. Although compliant, it still stores credit card information locally. By hosting with OC Cloud9, credit card information is no longer stored locally. So, when it comes to filling out the PCI SAQ, you (the QB user) no longer have to answer “Yes, I store credit card information locally.” That “yes” answer raises an automatic red flag and requires several additional questions, as well as network and device scans. A company that stores credit card information on the site is now responsible for the security of that data. This is a big relief for many of our customers.

The number one reason customers reject a hosted InstantBooks solution is due to app compatibility concerns. This is our biggest achievement at OC Cloud9. Our technologists are masters when it comes to virtual application compatibility. If there’s a way to integrate a software program into a physical environment, there’s a 99.9% chance of making it happen in a hosted environment, unless the software is from the old Windows XP days. Our customers can choose a simple hosted QuickBooks solution as well as a complete virtual desktop/virtual server solution depending on their needs. We offer customized cloud solutions designed to meet our customers’ needs, not ours.

This is where OC Cloud9 stands above the rest. Real people in our office answer our phones during business hours. We have a physical office that you can visit and we don’t believe that retaining clients is good business. You have a problem, stop by, we will do our best to solve it quickly and painlessly.

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Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting

Losing critical company information is devastating and can cost $$$$ in additional work and lost business. A virtual QuickBooks solution eliminates the stress of failed backups because they are instant and included as part of the monthly service. A company is only as good as its last copy. This extremely important task is often given a “lower” priority level than it actually is. Using a hosted solution eliminates the responsibility of the employee because this task is scheduled automatically without human error.

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