Cloud Computing Online Courses

Cloud Computing Online Courses – Amazon Web Services, Coursera, Google, MIT Courseware, and Microsoft are accelerating the depth and variety of cloud computing courses, curricula, and learning materials that they make freely available online.

In the past six months since the last set of free online courses, Amazon Web Services has added an additional series of free instructional videos, self-paced labs, and curated free courses in seven areas that AWS Training programs focus on. Microsoft’s Virtual Academy has grown to include additional courses, training materials, and a full suite of free downloadable books from Microsoft Press. Continuous additions to Google’s Developer Academy include online courses to learn more about Google AppEngine, Python App Engine, and Google Cloud SQL.

Cloud Computing Online Courses

Coursera and the University of Maryland, University of New Mexico and Vanderbilt University offer free courses in Android, mobile and web application development. MIT Courseware continues to add useful courses on the wide range of topics they cover. The overall theme of all the courses is a new focus on building and running a new cloud computing application throughout the course.

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One of the best indicators of how important a software company is to their developer evangelism strategy is how much they spend on free training, readily available knowledge, and breaking down learning barriers. Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft are accelerating these areas. Each chooses to freely offer valuable educational videos, books and content in hopes of attracting and educating more developers.

In addition to this extensive evangelistic effort, there are several excellent courses and educational programs available entirely online at various price points. You can find a complete set of online cloud computing courses and programs here (in PDF format), also in Microsoft Word.

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As a cloud expert, you open yourself up to a variety of job options based on your skills and tenure. Solution architect, technical architect, software engineer, IT architect and system engineer are some valued positions with experience in cloud computing. With a salary that increases with experience, the future of cloud computing is bright!

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According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 85% of new software is cloud-based. By 2016, another 48 million are expected to be cloud-based. Research firm Gartner found that cloud adoption will reach $250 billion by 2017, and half of the world’s organizations will have hybrid clouds by then!

The cloud is absolutely safe. It includes redundancy, data transfer and automatic backup; thus, it almost eliminates the possibility of losing valuable data.

94% of SMBs admit that the security benefits they get in the cloud have never been available in-house.

80% of companies that moved to the cloud saw improvements in their IT departments in less than six months.

Roundup Of Cloud Computing Online Courses

By the end of 2018, at least 30% of service-oriented organizations will move most of their ERP applications to the cloud.

According to industry experts, a staggering 40 Zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud by 2020.

By 2025, 80% of organizations’ IT spending will be in the cloud instead of traditional IT infrastructure.

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Cloud Computing Fundamentals Online

Is an online-to-LIVE learning platform that enables students to build a career in cloud computing and other latest IT technologies.

Instantly LIVE is a pioneer in providing personalized learning sessions, with each session tailored and tailored to students’ individual circumstances.

Our alumni are from Australia to Canada, as this online, one-to-one LIVE curriculum allows students to enroll and study from anywhere in the world.

Jerrish has a BS in Computer Science, is based in India and has trained over 8,000 students in networking, Linux, automation and cloud technologies over the past 9 years.

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Huzefa has a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Based in South India, it has trained more than 9000 students in various technologies from web to cloud over the last fifteen years and is passionate about their success.

Matthieu is an AWS and Azure certified architect with a passion for cloud security and is CCSP and CISSP certified.

Mathieu is a CISO who trains certified cloud architects in various aspects of cloud security leading to CCSP and CISSP certifications.

Steve has several years of hands-on experience advising global Fortune 50 clients on their digital transformation journey.

Online Degree: Cloud Computing

He is based in South India and has trained around 500 students on various products related to Red Hat & Cloud.

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Kritiga Kannan is an AWS Certified Trainer. He holds BBA from the famous Bharathidasan University. It is Azure certified. He supervises the students’ laboratory sessions and prepares them for exams and projects. Post GraduateProgram inCloud has been developed by industry experts based on comprehensive business needs and requirements. It helps you prepare for the AWS, AZURE &DevOps Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) – associate and professional exam. Through instructor-led sessions, this AWS, AZURE and DevOps Cloud Training helps you identify the right service based on your data, computing or security requirements.

Provides flexible learning for all students. Here is our training schedule. Let us know if you find these times difficult. We will try to arrange suitable times when it suits you.

Choosing Post GraduateProgram inCloud is a guarantee to be among the elite and best professionals in the domain. The cloud platform is a trendsetter and is considered to be about ten times bigger and better than its other competitors by a significant margin.

Pg Cloud Computing Course Online

This platform is sure to benefit a diverse group of customers, be it a system administrator, developer, database administrator, data warehouse engineer, IOT developer, big data analyst, AI developer or computer science student.

9 month course 20% theory 80% daily homework in the laboratory 10 real-time projects Unlimited mock exams Unlimited mock interviews

Huzefa has trained more than 9,000 students over the past fifteen years in a variety of technologies from web to cloud and is passionate about student success, not only in achieving certifications, but also on the job.

Huzefa is AWS & Azure certified and operates a global training department with a clear mandate to create the world’s best and most preferred personalized cloud certification program.

Pdf] Massive Open Online Courses And Cloud Computing

A: You can check our blog or send inquiries on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

A: After joining the course, our consultant manager will book a place with the trainer based on your and the trainer’s availability.

A: Yes, you can access our course material. You can watch not only the material but also short and sweet videos on our Youtube channel.

A: We offer separate training for exams and interviews. In this training you will gain more experience to pass the exam.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp: Online Programs, Fees 2024

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