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Cloud Hosting Providers – The growing needs of storage have given rise to the existence of the best cloud storage services. You will agree that the file size has grown to a very large size, making it difficult for you to store it effectively on your normal hard drive. Not only that, the cost of hard drives, especially solid-state drives (SSDs), remains volatile

Although you can always purchase more physical storage, that is not the most economical option today Because of this, people are turning to the best cloud storage services in 2024, as they allow them to get more storage at an affordable cost.

Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud storage services vary in size, security and other factors And with so many options in the market, it is becoming difficult to choose what is really the best All these beautiful promises are sometimes not fulfilled and many cloud storage services fail to meet certain criteria.

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However, with our years of experience, we tested dozens of cloud services to bring you an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of the best cloud storage services in 2024.

Before we reveal our top list, let’s talk about a few things That is, we’ve made sure to offer you the best possible cloud services with fast speeds, plenty of storage space, and a free plan that lets you try them before you buy.

In addition, we have made sure to keep affordable prices in mind This way, extending your storage to the cloud won’t cost you much, but will still provide a better experience.

PCloud is definitely not the most popular cloud storage service on the market However, not being as popular as Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud is not a sign of low quality In fact, pCloud is the complete opposite, offering one of the best cloud storage services we’ve ever used.

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The company started in Switzerland in 2013, so it’s a relatively new product compared to some of its competitors. Despite this, pCloud offers state-of-the-art security with 256-bit AES encryption and servers in Europe and the US.

Furthermore, pCloud lets you choose which server you want to store your data on, making it more versatile and efficient. A few years ago, pCloud was not the fastest cloud service Nowadays, it is not because it has seriously improved its upload and download speed

Needless to say, uploading and downloading with pCloud will be over before you finish your cup of coffee! Now, what about storage space? Well, pCloud offers up to 2 TB of storage, which should be enough for most users

If you don’t want to pay more, you can get the 500GB plan instead and still get full speed and strong security. Cloud storage is used very well pCloud lets you sort files by type, import files from third-party cloud services, and back up important files and folders from your computer.

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Cloud Hosting Providers In Nigeria

We especially like its crypto folder which is a paid extra However, for a few dollars a month, you can get zero-knowledge encryption, making your files more secure and accessible only to you.

Sharing on PCloud is also a big deal Users can enjoy secure sharing, where pCloud allows you to protect shared files and even add a logo and branding if you are a business user.

As mentioned, its free plan is also here and it is the best free cloud storage service in 2024. pCloud provides you with 5 to 10 GB of storage free forever Even better, you get all the premium features here, the only limitation being on storage space

And if you decide on a premium plan, which we recommend, you can enjoy a 10-day no-quibble money-back guarantee, so you can purchase with peace of mind.

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Being one of the best cloud storage providers in 2024, pCloud offers flexible subscription plans. However, the best deal is its lifetime plan which lasts up to 99 years and comes with a 10-day money back guarantee.

For just over $438 (one-time payment), you can get 2 TB of storage for 99 years. Alternatively, 500GB of storage will cost you around $220 for 99 years, making pCloud very affordable.

There is also an option to get 500 GB and 2 TB annual plans However, since they cost $54 and $108, respectively, they are not as affordable as their lifetime counterparts.

Another best cloud storage provider in 2024 is kDrive KDrive is an interesting cloud storage solution that emerged in 2020, making it an impressive newcomer to the market. This cloud storage service is known for its feature-richness with exceptional ease of use, which many providers can expect.

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Like PCloud, kDrive is based in Switzerland, an ideal backdrop for its strong security Apart from the unpredictable encryption, kDrive will not store any logs, given its data center in its home country of Switzerland.

In addition, KDrive is GDPR compliant, which is a huge security benefit Now, in terms of performance, kDrive’s servers are located in Europe, which is better for European users However, US-based users are also very satisfied with kDrive

Despite their increasing distance from European servers, upload and download performance remains untouched. In terms of cloud storage space, kDrive’s subscription plans are well thought out

Its single plan will give you 2 TB of storage space, which can be increased to 6 TB on the Pro plan. In this exact plan, users can expand up to 106 TB of storage space, which is absolutely impressive and great for companies that need a lot of usable space.

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When it comes to features, kDrive will impress even the most demanding users Here, you can securely share photos, videos and music by creating secure links and taking advantage of automatic synchronization.

Plus, sharing is customizable, as kDrive lets you set an expiration date and password for the link. Like many of the best cloud storage services in 2024, KDrive actually offers a Linux app, making it useful if you prefer Unix-based minimalistic systems.

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One of its highlights is native support for apps like Office Within KDrive’s simple interface, you’ll be able to create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, fully edit them in real-time, and share them with other people with shared links.

Overall, KDrive is great for both individual users and companies looking to take full advantage of reliable cloud storage. Otherwise we’ll forget about its free plan with 15GB storage and 30-day money back guarantee for all plans, which makes KDrive a great option.

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Depending on which plan you choose, KDrive comes at a relatively affordable price If you are a single user, you can enjoy 2 TB of storage for just $64 per year Users who need a business solution can choose Team or Pro plans which are also scalable

However, they cost at least $130 and $260, respectively, making them not suitable for individuals. However, for companies and teams, these prices are still very affordable

When talking about famous cloud providers, we must mention Google Drive Google Drive is one of the best cloud services for many reasons, Google’s refinement and ease of use that many platforms cannot achieve.

Although its web version is not so easy to use, you will be satisfied with its desktop app which works a little better Also, we should mention that Google Drive is quite secure, and although less advanced than pCloud, your data will still be protected.

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Being a large company, Google has many data centers in multiple continents They have spread to America, Ireland, Europe, Taiwan and other places As a result, despite not being the fastest option, Google Drive offers consistent upload and download performance.

Also, Google Cloud Storage has no limits on file size, which applies to sharing. Speaking of which, Google Drive lets you share files with a single click of the mouse, giving you the option of password protection and adding an expiration date.

One of the best things about it is the G Suite That means Google offers all the Office-like apps like Docs, Sheets, and more, allowing you to share and edit your documents in real-time. Google Drive also supports automatic backup but the downside is that Gmail emails also take up your storage space.

For this reason, we recommend keeping your inbox clean at all times In terms of storage, Google Drive offers several flexible plans that are unfortunately very expensive. For example, you can also get a 15 GB free plan with even more features, which makes it cheaper than pCloud’s free plan.

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The Starter plan will give you 30 GB of cloud storage, while the Plus plan comes with 5 TB of storage. Google also offers an Enterprise plan with unlimited storage for which you’ll get pricing customized to your needs.

In conclusion, Google Drive is definitely a great cloud storage service in 2024. With tough security, 2-step verification and other important features, we can say that it is a complete package. However, Google is not a company known for user privacy, which should be noted

This only makes it a slightly lesser alternative to kDrive or pCloud, which are Swiss-based alternatives with a proven privacy-focused business model. However, Google Drive gives you a 14-day free trial but no refund option, which is definitely annoying.

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