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Fabled Monkey and Crocodile Fraudsters – How are you buddy fairy tales, the story this time .. Blog will share the latest fairy tale story of the monkey and the crocodile fraudsters. Then, how the content of the story? Let’s look together. Happy reading .. 🙂

Once upon a time, there was a monkey and crocodile are the best of friends. They are very familiar to as brothers. But after some time, they have to split up to find their habitat due to drought. The monkey goes deep into the jungle, and the crocodile towards the estuary.

Monky, that’s the name of that monkey. After a long separation, there is a desire in the hearts of the Monky to visit his old friend in the estuary. According to the news he had heard, the crocodile has now married and has a wife. So he intends to visit and congratulate him on his wedding crocodile.

Early in the morning the monkey Monky depart from his house. Because of her trip mileage so far, he did not want to be late if it arrives at the destination. Not to forget he also brought food as stock.

While in other places, crocodiles was talking with his wife. Now, his wife is pregnant. And his wife nags want to eat the liver of monkeys. Cravings, so the term generally.

The wife continued to whine and seduce, to make the headache go around the crocodile. He has repeatedly explained to his wife that this estuary is no monkey, so he had to find where else?

But this explanation did not crocodile left off. Properties are very spoiled wife makes crocodiles can only promise that next time if there is a monkey he’ll bring the monkey liver.

When they are cool to talk, suddenly heard a voice call out in front of their house. Crocodile came out to see who comes. And how excited he was to hear that the monkey is visiting his old friend.

And they then joked and talked about memories of the past. Happiness radiates from the expression of the two, because they had not been met.

After staying overnight at the residence of his friend crocodiles, Monky monyep took his leave to return to his home in the woods. And as a form of tribute to his old friend, the crocodile intends to mengantarkanya. But before dropping the monkeys, crocodiles in the call by his wife. They talk privately in the room.

Sir, you’ve promised to bring the monkey liver. Well, now the monkey is already there. Which you promise?. Whined the crocodile wife.
Yes ma’am later. He was my best friend’s. No way I betrayed my own best friend. The word crocodile.
You usually just promises, sir.’s All for the sake of your son who was my bladder. You prefer your child or your friend? Anyway if you do not bring a monkey heart, I will leave this house. Said the crocodile’s wife started a petulant spoiled.
Crocodiles become extremely confused. Now he is in a difficult position. Ie choose between his best friend and his wife. Eventually, he was forced to placate his wife. He promised that he would bring back the monkey liver.

Then, the crocodile came out and invited the monkey to leave. He told the monkey climbed onto his back and will deliver the monkeys via the river. But apparently the crocodile has a cunning plan that is not in the know Monky monkey. Monky and the unsuspecting monkey climbed into the back of a crocodile friend.

But, after swimming a bit much .. the Monky monkey began to feel the awkwardness. Because the crocodile swam further into the river away from the mainland. And finally the monkey began to suspect.

Hi my friend crocodiles, why do we even away from the mainland?. Monky asked the monkey.
Then the crocodile tells the story of his wife’s request, that he wanted to eat the liver of monkeys. Hear the alligator story, the monkey being shocked. Now he began to realize that his safety was threatened. But she was calm while looking for an idea to escape from the danger. And finally, she found a sense.

Hahaha .. So the only problem? Why did not you tell from the beginning. Said the monkey.
Why? Why did you actually laugh? Did not you know that means your safety is threatened. ‘Cause I intend to take your heart. The word crocodile wonder.
Yeah I know mate, but unfortunately I’m going to make you disappointed … Said the monkey again.
What maksut you?. The crocodile increasingly do not understand.

Then, the monkey started to explain ..
You see my friend crocodiles, because I was in a hurry to leave for your house .. so my heart left behind at home. So I forgot to bring my heart. If you take me up to the house, then I’ll give my heart to you. Then can you give your wife . Monky said monkeys started deceiving crocodile.
Well, is that correct? Very well, then I will take you home to take your heart, and submit to me. The word stupid crocodile. He began eaten by monkeys Monky finesse.

Then the crocodile swam down the river to take Monky monkeys. And once they arrive, Monky monkeys jumped and climbed into his house which is on top of the tree. While the crocodile is under the river.

Hey monkey ..! Did you take your heart yet? If so, hurry down and give it to me. Cried crocodile from below.
Then the monkey was turned out of a tree, laughing out loud.
Hahaha .. Basic stupid crocodiles, alligators liar ..! Now you are changing my hokey. Fool, where there are hearts that can stay. Heart I always bring me wherever I go. Friendship now we break up here. Due you are a liar crocodile that tried to harm me. Goodbye ..! . The word monkey then jumped hanging from tree to tree and disappeared in the forest rimbunya.

The crocodile could only stare. Now he began to realize the mistakes that he made. But it was too late. Now he’s got nothing. In fact, the loss of a friend and threatened his wife lived. Now, he can only regret his decision without being able to repeat the time back.

Well my friend all the fairy tale, the lessons we can take from this story is ..
Do not ever lie to your friends, because if you lie they will leave you. And learn to be wise in taking a decision. Because if you’re wrong to choose, then you’re only going to get remorse. And without being able to have the opportunity to change it.

Similarly, the latest fairy tale story to dedicate this time. Hopefully we can take the wisdom and positive role models in it. Do not forget to visit again, and read other interesting tales .. ^ _ ^


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Story by: Muhammad Rifa’i

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